Social Service

The nurturing of a sense of community service has been an important element in the education of the College. The College has been exploring opportunities for service-learning. In addition to fostering CC-ers’ commitment to the community, we aim to enhance students’ personal growth and prepare them to be informed, responsible citizens and civic leaders through serving the needy.

Chung Chi is the only College in CUHK that has established a Service-Learning Centre, and some of the programmes in the Centre are combined with the College General Education curriculum for senior year students.

In addition, “Seeds of Good Deeds Project Award” was established to encourage CC-ers to contribute to the betterment of society.


Service-Learning Programme

Service-Learning Programme is one of the four College General Education elective courses for higher year students, the other three electives are Exploration and Discovery Study Scheme, Innovation and Knowledge Application and Senior Seminar.


Through planning and provision of services, CC-ers not only come into close contact with different people in need, build up connection and commitment to the community, but can also reflect on the knowledge and skills learnt in class and explore their own potential.


CC-ers are offered opportunities to serve the needy in different parts of the world, including mainland China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Cambodia, etc. Service targets include elderlies, rehabilitated substance abusers, ethnic minorities, children with developmental delay, mentally handicapped people, abandoned animals, etc.


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Cultural Exploration and Service Trip

The programme visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and India in past few years. Having the aim of letting CC-ers to explore the local culture and life, as well as the religion of the visiting countries, the programme features a series of visits to various historical and cultural sites and ideas exchange with local university undergraduates. Besides, students can also have the chance to visit and to serve in local churches, villages, orphanages, city slums and etc.


University YMCA (CCC CUHK)

Chung Chi College and University YMCA jointly organize social service activities which aim to advocate CC-ers awareness of the needs of various social groups, their own rights and responsibilities, as well as the necessary aptitudes required of a leader in society, in terms of morality, skills and psychological adjustment.


Students are provided with opportunities to serve the local and global communities by participating in local service campaigns and overseas service trips to countries such as Tibet, Fiji, Germany, Romania, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Malaysia etc.


“Seeds of Good Deeds” Project Award

[Contribute to the betterment of society]

The scheme awards CC-er who completed a project with a topic which is meaningful to the society and related to Hong Kong and demonstrating creativity.


Awarded projects in previous years include:


  • “WeCareBill”: Project to empower patients to plan & budget cancer treatments based on past patients’ experience and pharmacists’ knowledge 
  • “Ohana”: A social group which organizes regular guided tours, aiming to create a platform for foreigners to discover Hong Kong in a thorough and meticulous way.
  • “EC Food”: Platform to match elderly who need home-style food with households
  • “Learning, Contribution and Inheritance”: extra-curricular learning program for children and teenagers from low-income families
  • Project to raise society’s awareness of the homelessness


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