Bursaries and Loans

With generous donations of eminent members of the community and alumni, a series of bursaries have been established to support financially needy students. Financial-aid subsidizing fees such as tuition, hostel, exchange programmes, and College summer programmes are provided. The College also offers interest-free loans, for example, student travel loan and emergency loan. Such bursaries and loans enable CC-ers in need to enjoy College life with less concerns and financial burden.

Bursaries and loans provided by the College are briefly listed below. For details, please contact CC Dean of Students’ Office.


A series of bursaries of HK $5,000 to $20,000 have been established to aid financially needy students. The bursaries are granted to local students with satisfactory academic records and financial needs.

Hostel Bursaries

A series of Hostel Bursaries of HK$3,000 each have been established to aid financially needy students to subsidize their expenses related to living in student hostels. The bursaries are granted to students with satisfactory academic records and financial needs.

Student Loan

An amount of Fund is allocated by the College to providing students with interest-free loans of up to HK$20,000 in accordance with need.

Undergraduate Travel Grant

The undergraduate travel grant is open in second term of each academic year. It provides financial assistance for Chung Chi students joining overseas programmes which are organized by the College.

Graduate Travel Loan

In order to assist graduating students who have been awarded scholarships, fellowships, and/or teaching assistantships but are financially hindered from going abroad to benefit from these grants, the College has established a travel loan fund through which students may obtain loans not exceeding HK$5,000 to cover part of their expenses.

Class of 1972 Fortieth Graduation Anniversary Emergency Fund

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of graduation, a group of Chung Chi 1972 Alumni has donated an endowment of HK$493,804 to the College. Started from 2014/2015, the interest generated together with the principle are used to set up a need based emergency fund for the purpose of providing immediate relief to students in tiding over special and emergent financial hardship.

Undergraduate Travel Loan

Students who are going to attend international conference or seminars or other activities aboard organized by university, college or recognized organizations during summer or term time can apply for interest-free travel loan. The maximum loan amount is HK$20,000. Applications are accepted in around March and November every year.