We Learn

University Learning extends beyond your chosen major. We encourage students to participate in different arts and sports activities and take lead in organizing meaningful and creative activities of their own. Students can develop better leadership and communication skills, as well as empathy to others, through cooperating with one and others.


Quality Activities Award

[Activities for CC-ers]

Quality Activities Award Scheme provides financial support for events and activities organized by student bodies.

Examples of student activities subsidized by the scheme:

  • Founders’ Day Student Festival
  • Inter-Hostels Singing Contest & CC Singing Contest
  • Fu Cup (Inter-Hostels Sports Competition)
  • Annual Performance of Drama Club and Band Society, etc.

“Be Active” Programme

[Healthy Lifestyle]

In order to enhance CC-ers’ awareness and participation in sports activities, the Program subsidizes you to attend short-term sports courses chosen on your own.


Learning Arts Programme

[Appreciate the Beauty of Art]

By providing subsidies to CC-ers for taking short-term arts courses offered by recognized organizations, the Programme aims to increase your understanding in arts and promote their aesthetic.