We Pursue

The pursuit of knowledge is important to your university life but what completes your university life is certainly the searching of your goals. College experience is a voyage of self-discovery. We encourage CC-ers to strive for self-improvement, recognize their passion and goal. Chung Chi College provides students with different opportunities to better understand your own characteristics and potential, and to learn and grow through experiences.

Broaden your horizons, enrich personal experience

Chung Chi College organizes different formats of talks and sharing sessions, such as Friday Assembly, Head’s Roundtable Dinner, Visiting Fellow/ Artist Programme, etc. We invite speakers from various sectors to share with our students their expertise, experiences and insights, covering a wide array of areas concerning social, cultural, political, artistic and etc.  CC-ers values critical thinking from multiple perspectives and explore the many possibilities of life.


Apart from learning from others, it is also important to grow through experience. To encourage CC-ers to explore the world and enhance international perspective, Chung Chi College offers a wide spectrum of programmes and subsidies for overseas learning.


Equip yourself to overcome future challenges

The College organizes different self-discovery and career planning related programmes, including self-understanding workshops, GPS Career Development Facilitation Scheme and etc., to help students better understand their own characteristics and potential, and identify their personal ideals and goals.


Chung Chi has a strong alumni network from various sectors, generations and different regions around the globe. Diversified platforms, such as talks, workshops and Mentor Programme, are provided for CC-ers to interact with our alumni, through which you can be inspired by their experience and expertise and get advice for your future plan.


CC-ers can improve their language competence and communication skills through the Language Enhancement Programme, Toastmaster Club, inter-university leadership training programme, etc. There are also career development programmes to help CC-ers to be well-equipped to face challenges in future studies and work.


Life is full of ups and downs. Chung Chi College established “Lakeside Walks” Series to enhance students’ physical and mental well-being, improve resilience to tide over any upcoming hurdles in their future lives. At Chung Chi College, you can find a way suitable for yourself to relax from busy life and hectic pace.


Pursue continuous improvement, achieve greater success

To recognize students’ effort and achievement, the College has established various scholarships, awards and subsidies schemes. Awards are granted to students who demonstrate outstanding achievements in different areas, including academic, sports, creative pursuits, extracurricular activities, community services and etc.