Career Development & Internship

We understand, as a university student, your feeling of anxiousness and perplexity about your unknown future. The College sees that a good planning is essential for successful career development after graduation.

Chung Chi offers internship programmes and various activities to provide CC-ers with guidance and assistance in planning or embarking on their career advancement, such as Cultural Exploration and Internship Programme in Shanghai, local and overseas Mentor Programme, a series of career talks and workshops, and GPS Career Development Facilitation Scheme. Through these programmes, students not only have a better understanding of work culture, but also broaden their social network.


Cultural Exploration and Internship Programme in Shanghai

The first week of the programme features a series of visits to various business corporations in Shanghai, alumni talks, as well as ideas exchange with local university undergraduates to learn about the latest development of Shanghai. In the following two weeks, participants were attached to ten different companies of various industries (ranging from hotel, public relations, insurance, IT, wholesaling to catering, etc.), including The Peninsula Shanghai, Li & Fung Limited, City’ Super Shanghai, etc., for internship through which they gained a better understanding of the business practice and culture of the mainland.


Mentor Programme

Chung Chi now has more than 30,000 alumni. Overseas alumni associations have been established in major cities of the United States and Canada. They actively participate in College events and gatherings to meet up with CC-ers of different generations.


Apart from providing support to current students through the establishment of scholarships and the organization of talks and workshops to share their experience and expertise, every year, over 100 alumni engage in the Mentor Programme and the Overseas E-mentoring Programme. By participating in the programmes, you can meet alumni from various sectors and generations; be inspired and advised on your development and future plan. The relationship between mentor and mentee is a combination of professional and personal, many mentorship has flourished to lifelong friendship as mutual trust and care grow over time.


“Get Ready for Job Hunting” & “Q&A with Alumni” Talks Series

We organize a series of career talks and workshops for CC-ers to get well-prepared for job hunting, activities include: “CV Clinic”, “Mock Interview and Career Consultation Workshop”,  “How to Look Smart: Grooming Tips for Interview”, etc. Alumni from different industries are invited to be guest speakers/ career consultants to share with CC-ers their insights and experiences in job hunting.


GPS Career Development Facilitation Scheme

The “GPS Career Development Facilitation Scheme” is a career development facilitation service scheme provided by the Career Development Facilitators (CDF) trained by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (CUSCS) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The Scheme aims to provide interested CC-ers with guidance and assistance in planning or embarking on their career development, by making available to them the specialist service of the CDFs. Participating students will yield valuable insights and understanding for career and life planning.