Language and Academic


Language Enhancement Programme

We provide diversified platforms for CC-ers to improve their Chinese and English language competence. Interactive language enhancement activities include the Language Tables, Language Seminars, Language Workshops and etc.


Toastmasters Club

The club was established to eliminate students’ fear of public speaking and improve their public speaking skills. During weekly meetings, members present both prepared and impromptu speeches and receive immediate feedback from experienced speakers.


Language Study Abroad Programme

CC-ers joining this Summer Programme will participate in a four to ten week intensive English course as well as different kinds of social and cultural activities in U.S.A or Canada.


Study Trips: Exploration of German / French / Japanese Society

The three-week study trips include elementary language course and cultural explorations. Home-stay will be arranged for participants of Germany and France trips. Cc-ers joining the Japan Trip will be paired with a student from the visiting university.


Siu Lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellows Programme

One to two outstanding persons in the fields of scholarship or cultural affairs are invited to visit the College, normally for a period from two weeks to one month during teaching terms. The Visiting Fellows are invited to give public lectures, to participate in discussion panels, and to be the main speakers in the College Annual Education Conference. In addition, they are also invited to have informal discussions with staff and students of the College.