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The Busking journey in Europe has broadened my horizon. I got to make friends from different places and learn about various cultures. This made me rethink on my old way of living. During the trip, I had to busk in order to earn a living and I need to do couch surfing for accommodation. There are a lot of challenges everyday, which enhanced my problem-solving abilities. I also got to step out my comfort zone and tried new things. This raised my self-esteem. Besides, being a couchsurfer made me realize that trust between people can actually be very simple. I would like to express my gratitude to those who helped us and hosted us during the trip.

LAW Yuk Sin

(Architectural Studies)

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I had a wonderful internship experience in an accounting and tax advisory firm in London. It’s the first time I came to London, and I returned with full of great memories. What I gained was not only work experience but also culture exposures. Apart from working, I had the opportunities to travel around London. This 6-week placement is so much rewarding and fruitful to me. I will treasure the experience and friendships that I earned here forever. Thank you FLY Award for supporting me subsidy to join the internship programme.

GAO Yiqi

(Insurance, Financial and Acturial Analysis)

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I served a village in Indonesia. Before the trip, I expected myself to give a lot. However, in the end, I am the one truly receiving from the programme - for letting me explore a culture that I hardly knew anything about; for allowing me to experience the warmth of true friendship; for giving me the ‘parents’ and ‘siblings’ that I truly treasure and miss…… I met such great people who really changed my mindset and made me grow. This is truly the most note-worthy experience I had in my year 1.

LAU Choi Yee


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