Students from overseas and mainland China may encounter problems in cultural difference and living adjustment. We organize activities and workshops to facilitate non-local students to get involved in the local community more effectively. 

We offer opportunities for local and international students to mingle together, share their home cultures and customs, fostering integration among students with different background, enhancing global knowledge and mutual respect of different culture. We organize celebration events during major festivals, in order to introduce the traditional Chinese and local Hong Kong cultural to non-local students. Besides, special guided tours in Hong Kong are organized to let students know more about the history and heritage of Hong Kong from different angles.


Hong Kong Survival Strategy, an activity which mainly targeted mainland freshmen, helps students consolidate understandings of Hong Kong and facilitate their lives studying abroad here in CUHK. Students are brought to wet markets and to take public transport, and are taught basic daily-life Cantonese.


With the aim of fostering more interaction between local and non-local students, the Chung Chi International Association was established. The association organizes activities to facilitate communication and mutual understanding between local and non-local students and integration of non-local students into Hong Kong’s society and culture.