We Serve and Care

Chung Chi College upholds the Christianity ethos and always emphasizes fostering the Caring and Serving Spirit. Beyond caring about and serving others, we also highlight the importance of caring for your own soul. We hope this spirit can be spread from individual to the student community, to the entire College, and even to the society.

Take Better Care of Yourself

The The student wellness activities enhances students’ of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Through a wide range of programmes and workshops, we introduce different strategies and activities to practice mindfulness, cultivate resilience and be well-prepared to tide over any hurdles in their future.


Music has always been an important and featuring element of Chung Chi College. Music not only enlightens our minds but also nurtures our souls. Our weekly concert “Midday Oasis” invites overseas and local professional musicians to perform at the College Chapel. It provides a breathing space for students, teachers and staff to refresh, relax and recover themselves with beautiful vocal and instrumental music during teaching periods of the university.


Be a More Caring Person

The student community in Chung Chi College comprises of students across various disciplines and cohort, come from different parts of the globe. Your collegemates can be your groupmates at the Orientation Camp, hostel roommates, friends meet at College activities or interest groups. The CC student community is a supportive and inclusive community, we value and promote collaboration, communication, caring, mutual respect and empathy.


Care for Our Society

In Chung Chi College, we serve and we care! We care for the society, serve the needy, and spread our loving care to different parts of the globe.


Chung Chi Service Learning Programmes (Local/ Mainland/ International) provide opportunities for students to contact with different people in need, build up connection and commitment to the community. At the same time, the programme also helps you to reflect on the knowledge and skills learnt in class and explore their own potential.


Cultural Exploration and Service Trip, organized by the College Chaplain’s Office, offers students opportunities to explore local culture and serve the needy in different parts of the world at the same time.


There are also interest groups initiated by students which focus on co-organizing community service, such as Uni-Y (CCC CUHK), The Rotaract Club, Chung Chi The Suns, etc.


Various award scheme and scholarships are set up to encourage students who are enthusiastic in providing social services.