Signature Student Activities

University Learning extends beyond your chosen major. Chung Chi College encourages students to take lead in organizing meaningful and creative activities of their own. Students can develop better leadership and communication skills, as well as empathy to others, through cooperating with one and others. The College established “Quality Activities Award Scheme” to provide financial support for events and activities organized by student organizations. Guidance and administrative support would also be provided throughout the process.

Every year, students will form Organizing Committees to plan for and organize the activities below:


Orientation Camp (August)


Founders’ Day Student Festival (October)

Carnival, Detective and Adventure Games, Dancing Party, Round-Campus Run, Thousand People Feast, etc.


Inter-Hostels Singing Contest (November)


Fu Cup (February - April)

Inter-Hostels Sports Competition: basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, tug-of-war, and etc.


CC Star (launched in 2023-24)

Talent Show