“Chung Chi's endowment only maintains sustainable running of the College.”

Chung Chi’s endowment is significant but is just enough to provide 1,400 student residence places and run current student programmes. Extra funding is needed to pilot new programmes and campus improvement.

“Most donations are restricted.”

We are deeply grateful for the philanthropy of donors to the College in making a difference to students’ lives. However, the majority of gifts is designated to specific purposes, such as bursaries and scholarships received by over 1,000 awardees each year. While receiving an adequate amount of philanthropy for such purpose, sincerely we expect philanthropy for other timely needs of the College. Expendable gifts provide vital flexibility.

“Continuous betterment is essential for the changing needs of students.”

Chung Chi College has been emphasizing whole-person development of its students beyond academic pursuits. In view of the changing needs of students, Chung Chi College is striving to provide its students the best learning environment and opportunities by establishing state-of-art and up-to-date facilities and programmes. However, continuous betterment has a cost which mainly relies on donations.

“Every gift makes a difference!”

We welcome all philanthropy regardless of its monetary meaning. Because we believe many a little makes a mickle. Together they add up to millions for Chung Chi students’ non-formal learning opportunities and other financial aid.

Cheng Wing Jun (Global Studies)

Fly Award - Salzbury Global Seminar in Austria

“With the support from the CC FLY award, I had a wonderful 17 days in Salzburg and learnt a lot from engaging in in-depth discussion and debate with professors and students from all over the world. There has been a lot of personal breakthrough for me in this journey. “

Leung, Wai Pui (Nursing)

An awardee of the Class of 1974 Fortieth Graduation Anniversary Scholarship for Social Services

“This award means a lot to me. It is not merely a scholarship, it is no wonder an affirmation of the social services I engaged in. Staying in the hospital for two years in my childhood, I have wholeheartedly felt the love from all the medical professionals. I decide to choose nursing as my major and want to be a registered nurse in the future.”

Chang Hing Lam (Biomedical Engineering)

Fly Award - Short-term Academic Course in Cambridge University, England

“The programme was an incredible journey to immerse myself in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. It provided valuable insights into the startup ecosystem, entrepreneurship, and innovation, which I believe will help me in my future career as an executive or an entrepreneur.”

Hong Tung Ching (Social Work)

Fly Award - Wildlife Conservation Service in Africa

“In addition to learning the skills of looking after the rescued animals, I also stepped out of my comfort zone and overcame various cultural shocks and language barriers, from initially feeling uneasy and shy, to eventually adapting to the local environment and making friends with people from around the world. I am proud of becoming braver and stronger.”