Chung Chi College gratefully thanks all benefactors for their generous contributions.

Donation AmountAcknowledgement

All amount

Names reported on the website and newsletter of Development Office

The following acknowledgement will be made exclusively for philanthropy to the Chung Chi Student Development Complex Project.

Donation AmountAcknowledgement

HK$10K or above within 1 academic year

Names on “Honour Roll” poster displayed in Alumni Room

** Additional acknowledgement will be made as the following for cumulative donations across four years of the campaign **

Cumulative Donation Amount from Oct 2017 – Aug 2021Acknowledgement

HK$10K or above

Names on the tiles of the signature mosaic wall of the Kunkle Student Centre (HK$10K / tile, cutoff date for name engraving is 1 April, 2021)

HK$0.1M or above

Names on acknowledgement plaque at lobby of Kunkle Student Centre

HK$0.3M or above

Individual acknowledgement plaque at rooms or facilities (content provided by donors)

HK$1.5M or above

Naming Right of "Starry Lounge"

HK$10M or above

Naming right of the Rooftop Garden

HK$15M or above

Naming right of Gym and Yoga Room


Naming right of the Mini-theatre