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With the mission of promoting whole-person education, apart from setting up a series of scholarships and bursaries, the College is dedicated to enrich students’ life experience, broaden their international horizon and enhance their interpersonal skills through organizing different overseas exchange programmes, cultural study tours and language learning activities, etc.

The “Student Development Fund” covers four main items, including Bursaries, Scholarships, “Chung Chi EYE Award” and “FLY Award”. You are welcome to support designated item(s).

To provide financial support to needy students, the College has a number of bursaries, loans, student helper award scheme and student development funding schemes in the form of short term direct grant or recurring grant up to one academic year, helping students to overcome their difficulties and develop all-round skills.

The College awards scholarships to students who demonstrate outstanding achievements in different areas including academic, sports, creative pursuits, extra-curricular activities, community and College services.

“Chung Chi EYE Award”
“Excel Yourself through Exploration” is established to encourage students to explore the world during their studies by subsidizing them to join the following overseas programmes: Student Exchange Programme, Language Study Abroad Programme, Study Trips to Germany/France/ Japan, and Summer Study Abroad Programme.

“FLY Award”
“Find a Learning opportunity Yourself” aims to enrich Chung Chi students’ international exposure and motivate students to explore their potential through participating in overseas activities organized by recognized institutes, academies or organizations.

In addition to the above “Student Development Fund”, donors are welcome to set up endowments for bursaries/scholarships or sponsor student activities in honour of their name. Please contact us for more details about Student Development Fund, as well as endowment and sponsorship schemes.



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