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Since its establishment in 1951, Chung Chi College has cultivated more than 30,000 students. Relying on what they have gained from their college life and experience, our graduates serve the community with a humble heart and dedication.

In recent years, students' demand for indoor and outdoor activity spaces has increased significantly. In view of the situation, the College has been actively planning and executing several redevelopment projects since the year of 2014. However, these projects are not fully funded or subsidized by the government, and our College has to raise a considerable amount of financial support from our alumni, staff, students, and supporters for these new development plans.

The latest campus development plan "Project E" is now raising $180 million from CC-ers and the community, which will provide extensive facilities for students, teachers, and alumni, including a student hostel, staff quarters, alumni activity centre, and Digital Culture and Art Creativity Centre, among others.

The College sincerely invites you to support "Project E" through monthly giving, which offers massive power in building the future campus landmark! Starting from today, A monthly donation of HK$500 in 20 months will get your name on the feature wall. And you can write a positive message on an acknowledgement plaque in the building by supporting Project E HK$15,000 monthly for 20 months!* For more ways of acknowledgement, please check it out here.

The bright future of the College comes from your enthusiastic support! You are welcome to donate online anytime to support the Project and join hands in benefiting the future pillars of society!

*Fundraising period till 31 March 2026