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To promote the College’s long-term development and educational mission, “Project E” is launched to construct extensive indoor and outdoor activity spaces for students, academic staff, and alumni.

The College is going to demolish the nearly 60-year-old staff quarters Block E adjacent to the University MTR station and redevelop it into a twin-block building at the original site. The high block will be a student hostel, while the low block includes a replacement staff quarters, an alumni activity centre linking to a sky garden, Digital Culture and Art Creativity Centre, etc.

The new building is situated in a prime location next to the University MTR station with extremely convenient transportation. It will be an important platform for students, academic staff, and alumni to gather and exchange, stimulating creativity and encouraging innovation.

Introduction of Project E Facilities

1. Student Hostel (additional 300 places)
Students can enhance their interpersonal and communication skills through their hostel life. By organizing hostel activities, student residents can enhance their activity planning and execution skills as well.

2. Staff Quarters (2,700 square metres)
The words, deeds, and experience sharing of our academic staff are part of non-formal education, which help cultivate students’ good character. With a convenient accommodation, academic staff can actively participate in and promote College’s activities, thereby, facilitating the communication and interaction between teachers and students, strengthening non-formal education, and establishing a harmonious campus atmosphere.

3. Alumni Activity Centre (210 square metres)
This centre, exclusively for Chung Chi Alumni, is located next to the University station, which not only encourages alumni to visit their alma mater more but also provides a platform for alumni and students to enhance their friendship.

4. Digital Culture and Art Creativity Centre (325 square metres)
This new centre with a high ceiling will be a multi-functional space for various kinds of activities, exhibitions, workshops, and conferences on different themes. It encourages students, academic staff, alumni, start-ups, and experts to engage in innovation and creativity, facilitating cultural and artistic interaction in the global digital world, and fostering the digital culture among the new generation.

The College has appointed an architecture firm for a building design and planned to call for construction tenders in the fourth quarter of this year. This project is expected to be completed by the end of 2026, at the 75th anniversary of Chung Chi College.

The construction cost is estimated at $550 million. With a government subsidy of $200 million for the partial construction cost of the student hostel, the rest will be financed by the College. The Finance Committee of College Board agreed to contribute with a matching fund of $100 million, together with $70 million from College Staff Quarters Fund, of which the current project fund is $370 million in total. The remaining $180 million has to be raised through donations from Chung Chi-ers and the public.

You’re welcome to donate online to support the sustainable development of Chung Chi College, and join hands in nurturing the future generation of Hong Kong! For more details, please refer to the brochure or Project E Special .

For the ways of acknowledgement of Project E, check it out here.

Let us Realise Chung Chi’s Dream Together

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