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“Natural Realm: Unconventional Beauty of Abstract Visions” Visual Art Exhibition by Carol Tsang has successfully concluded! The exhibition showcases the seamless blend of Mrs. Carol Tsang’s appreciation and exploration of Chinese and Western art for over three decades. The innovative and ingenious artistic expression of her works fully demonstrates her dedication to in-depth studies and practices of photography, painting, and the Sogetsu School of Ikebana. With the dexterous manipulation of diverse media, she expresses her passion for and her understanding of life.

Being the first large-scale art exhibition organised in the LG4 Gallery of Kunkle Student Centre, it provided a space for teachers, students, alumni, and visitors to nourish their souls with art. During the “Meet-the-Artist" sessions, participants can learn about the artist’s ideas and skills for creating her artwork, and discover a new way to appreciate nature and the world. Moreover, nearly HK$1,200,000 has been raised for Project E through the exhibition. Our heartfelt thanks for the support!