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Chung Chi College held the "Fond Farewell and Warm Welcome" Singing for Excellence Fundraising Banquet on Friday, 20 Oct 2023, bidding farewell to Professor Fong Wing Ping, the immediate former College Head, and welcoming Professor Kwan Mei Po, the new College Head. Over 120 guests attended the banquet, including Dr. Norman Chan Tak Lam, Chair of CCC Board of Trustees; Professor Rocky S. Tuan, CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President; former College Heads, Professor Rance Lee Pui Leung and Professor Victor Chan Wai Kwong; Mr. Kinson Liu Kin Wa, Chair of CCC Alumni Association; members of the University and supporters of the College.

In the Singing for Excellence session at the Banquet, which was to raise fund for the College's latest development project, the "Block E Redevelopment Project" ("Project E"), a number of heavyweight guests, including Mr. Chris Tang, CC alumnus and Secretary For Security and Mrs. Tang, Dr. Norman ChanProfessor Rocky Tuan, and Professor Kwan Mei Po, participated in the singing and created a highly enthusiastic atmosphere. This banquet has raised more than HK$1 million for Project E — an uplifting result for all concerned.