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To enhance the facilitation and support to campus life and student bodies, the College has decided to redevelop 2 Staff Quarters into a Twin Building comprising a Student Activity Center and a Multi-Purpose Complex. This project will help increase 12,800 square feet indoor space for student activities, featuring a rooftop garden, a mini-theatre, a caring corner as well as multi-purpose facilities. The estimated budget of the project is at least HK$200 million. Thanks to the unfailing support from the College Board of Trustees, a grant of HK$50 million and another matching grant of up to HK$50 million is committed and the remaining is targeted to be raised.

To kick off the fundraising campaign, a ceremony was held on the College Founders’ Day, October 27, 2017 (Friday), during the College’s Thanksgiving Service. Officiating guests included Mr. HAU Wun-fai Alfred, Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College, Mr. Karl C. KWOK, Chairman of Development Committee of Chung Chi College, Mr. KWONG Wing-cheong Thomas, Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Development Office of Chung Chi College, and Professor FONG Wing-ping, Head of Chung Chi College.

In the ceremony, Dr. CHEUNG Mei-chun, Jane, College Secretary of Chung Chi College introduced the background and purpose of the development project. Four officiating guests subsequently presented the building model together, symbolizing a collective dedication of the College Board of Trustees, Development Committee, Development Office and College staff in this project. On behalf of CCCAA and a group of alumni donors, Mr. CHAN Shu-wai Jimmy, Chairman of College Alumni Association, presented a cheuqe of $1.6 million for the development project right after the Kick-off Ceremony.