• images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201810HappyBird/photo1-officiating-guests_1000_560.jpg, (from the left) College Head, Professor FONG Wing Ping; Artist and College Trustee Mrs. Carol TSANG; Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine, and former Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK, Professor J Y SUNG; College Trustee and Chairman of the Steering Committee for Development Office, Mr. Thomas KWONG; and Chairperson of College Art Promotion Committee, Professor KWONG Ho Yee
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201810HappyBird/photo2-carol-in-her-decorations_1000_560.jpg, Artist Mrs. Tsang and "Happy Birds, Forest Green" Exhibition
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201810HappyBird/photo3-carol-and-her-exhibit_1000_560.jpg, Artist Mrs. Tsang and her exhibit

Gathering over a hundred of guests, the Opening Ceremony of “Happy Birds, Forest Green” Visual Arts Exhibition by Mrs. Carol Tsang, Alumna, Artist and College Trustee, was commenced in late October. Officiating guests of the Ceremony included Professor Joseph J Y SUNG, Former Vice-Chancellor and President, and Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine; Mr. Thomas KWONG, College Trustee and Chairman of the Steering Committee for Development Office; Professor FONG Wing Ping, the College Head; and Professor KWONG Ho Yee, Chairperson of College Art Promotion Committee.

The Exhibition showcased the photos of birds and nature taken by Mrs. Tsang. Instead of giving a documentary record, Mrs. Tsang created here own visual language combined with photography and post-processing, expressing the impression and inspiration brought to her by the nature. Mrs. Tsang has devoted herself to art for over 20 years, and explored various forms of art such as ceramics, painting, flowering arrangement, art glass and installation art. “Happy Birds, Forest Green” Exhibition indeed symbolised a mixture of a 10-year pursuit of photography, 5-year global exploration, 20-year appreciation of Chinese and Western art, and the philosophy of life of Mrs. Tsang.

Thanks to Mrs. Tsang for her philanthropic donation of a portion of her exhibits and enthusiastic support to “Chung Chi Student Development Complex” Project, as well as the participation from numerous alumni and friends, more than HK$ 500,000 has been raised by “Happy Birds, Forest Green” Exhibition.