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Long-awaited by Chung Chi members, the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Chung Chi Student Development Complex took place in a serene afternoon in late May.

Held on 28 May, the grand ceremony was officiated by Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University, Mr. Li Kwok Sing Aubrey, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the College, Mr. Karl C. Kwok, Chairman of Development Committee of the College, and Prof. Fong Wing Ping, Head of the College. Professor Tuan recalled his pleasant childhood time sightseeing around Shatin and the campus of Chung Chi with his family, and hoped this project would provide Chung Chi students an ever improving learning environment. Mr. Kwok, on the other hand, introduced to the guests the objectives of the Project and interior facilities of the Complex, and thanked members of the Development Committee and the Steering Committee for Development Office, as well as various units of the University. Celebrated by more than 100 guests, this Groundbreaking Ceremony marked the commencement of the construction of the Complex and a new chapter for campus development of Chung Chi.