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The College held the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Block E Redevelopment Project (known as “Project E”) on Tuesday, 22 Aug 2023, marking the commencement of the construction and the milestone for the College’s campus development. The building is expected to be completed by the end of 2026, bringing students and teachers a modernized campus which will enhance their learning and living experience with idea and innovation exchange.

Officiating at the ceremony were Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, CUHK Vice-Chancellor & President; Dr Norman T. L. Chan, Chairman of CCC Board of Trustees; Mr. Terence C. W. Chan, Treasurer of CCC Board of Trustees; Mr. Eric C. B. Chan, Convenor of Campus Facilities Subcommittee, CCC Development Committee of Board of Trustees; Mr. Ricky M. S. Cheng, Convenor of Fundraising Subcommittee, CCC Development Committee of Board of Trustees; and Prof. Kwan Mei Po, CCC Head. Around 100 guests, members of the University and supporters of the College attended the ceremony.

Situated in a prime location next to the University MTR station, the new building will be an important platform for students, academic staff, and alumni to gather and exchange. Prof. Rocky S. Tuan commented, “In addition to the diversified facilities, the superior location of the building is convenient for teachers, students and alumni to travel between the campus and urban districts. In line with the University’s plan to construct the ‘Innovation and Sustainability Building’ and a transportation hub in the adjacent area, this zone will undoubtedly illuminate with a remarkable new appearance.”

Dr Norman T. L. Chan hoped Project E could strengthen the College’s infrastructure and cultivate talents with the attributes of “Academics and Athletics”(文武雙全), “Morality and Service” (德才兼備) and “Spiritual Enhancement” (靈性修為). He thanked all committee members, colleagues, Chung Chi-ers, dignitaries in the community and friends for their support. “After deducting the subsidy from the Government and the College, the fundraising target of Project E is HK$180 million, and about HK$11 million has been raised. Today’s milestone comes from the collective efforts of you.”