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The second instalment of consumption voucher was disbursed on 16 July! To maximise the benefits of the coupons, please participate in the “Monthly Giving Campaign for Project E” to convert the saved money into blessings for the College and our students, and double your happiness through sharing! From now on, with only a few simple steps, you can support the College in constructing a holistic learning and living environment which empowers students to develop their talents and shape the future:

  1. Go to the online donation system
  2. Select the “Recurrent Gift” option
  3. Input the donation period and amount*
  • For a cumulative donation of HK$10K or above within the fundraising period^, the donor’s name will be engraved on a tile of the feature wall at Project E Building!
  • Want to achieve the target of HK$10K easily? A monthly donation of HK$500 in 20 months will get you a tile with your name in the new Chung Chi landmark!

Small acts can make a big difference! Join the monthly giving campaign to build a better tomorrow for the College and students now!


^Fundraising period till 31 March 2026
*Now your generous support, just from HKD100, shall earn you the official receipt to claim tax relief for the fiscal year 2023/24.