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With a generous donation from Sir Quo-Wei Lee and a subvention of the Hong Kong Government, Lee Shu Pui Hall was built in 1993, and it was named in honour of Mr. Lee Shu Pui, the beloved father of Sir Quo-Wei Lee.

Lee Shu Pui Hall is the largest hostel of Chung Chi College which can accommodate about 300 residents. In the past 25 years, the Hall has nurtured numerous residents and cultivated a strong sense of belonging among them, many of them become elite and young leaders of the society. To upkeep and upgrade the facilities and provision of the student hostel, a major renovation was carried out in the summer of 2017 for 4 months.

The overall cost of the renovation project was $45M, among which HK$10M was supported by the generous donation of the Wei Lun Foundation Limited and the rest was shared by the Hostel Sinking Fund and Funds from College Board of Trustees. To acknowledge the generous and further donation of the Wei Lun Foundation Limited, a commemorative plaque of gratitude was placed in the front lobby of the Hall.

The Plaque Unveiling Ceremony was held on October 27, 2017 (Friday) in the Lee Shu Pui Hall, officiated by Mr. Thomas C.B. LIANG, Chief Executive of Wei Lun Foundation Limited, Mr. HAU Wun-fai Alfred, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College, Mr. Karl C. KWOK, Chairman of the Development Committee of Chung Chi College, and Professor FONG Wing-ping, Head of Chung Chi College. Near 40 hostel residents, staff members and distinguished guests attended the plaque unveiling ceremony. A hostel tour was also arranged to give the guests a glimpse of the brand new Lee Shu Pui Hall.