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The College Summer Programmes are now back as the epidemic eases. This summer, the College will organise a series of non-local tours to broaden our students’ horizons.

Under the support of the EYE Award and other College's subsidy schemes, the student participants from the “Religious Exploration and Service Trip to Vietnam 2023” took the lead in setting off in mid-June. Meanwhile, the participants of “Music and History in Vienna & Berlin 2023”, “Taitung Community Service-Learning Programme”, “Language Study Abroad Programme (Canada)”, and “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Lo Foo Cheung Study Tour Programme” will also embark on their journeys shortly. The topics of these tours cover language enhancement, exploration of music, culture, economy, religion, service-learning, and other fields so as to bring our students a variety of unique learning experiences.

In addition, students can also obtain funding by applying for the “FLY Award” to participate in overseas activities coordinated by organisations outside the College, discovering learning opportunities that suit their interests and strengths and enriching their personal growth.

If you wish to contribute to the exploration experience for our students, please donate to the “Student Development Fund”, “EYE Award”, or “FLY Award” to support the College in organising a wider variety of non-local trips for students. With your support, our students would be able to get well prepared for the future and become talents of the new era with both knowledge and vision!