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  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk_banner_r_1000_560.png, Now introducing: the Leung Fung Yee Building (High Block of "Chung Chi Student Development Complex")
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk_illustration_of_lfy_building_1000_560.png, Illustration of Leung Fung Yee Building
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk_mini_theatre_outfit_1000_560.png, Illustration of Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk_mini_theatre_interior_1000_560.png, Illustration of Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk/20210205_CCSDC_high_blk_gym_and_yoga_room_1000_560.png, Illustration of Gym and Yoga Room

Let's continue our virtual tour, as the Development Office now guides you to the "Leung Fung Yee Building" (High Block of Chung Chi Student Development Complex)!

Designed as a multi-functional tower, the "Leung Fung Yee Building" features not only facilities for our students, but also residence spaces for visiting scholars and college staff. Complementing with the "Kunkle Student Centre", there will be ample space in the twin towers that helps cultivating the all-round development of Chung Chi students.

🔶 Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre [to promote students' comprehensive development through performing arts]:

Incorporating architectural ideas of a black box theatre, the 3,000 sq.ft. "Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre" houses about 100 guests. Students can practice, rehearse, and enjoy performances of music, dance, drama in the Theatre. The Theatre also serves as a terrific place for students to polish their performance techniques and skills in collaboration, communication and event planning. At the same time, we hope students will observe, perceive and consequently develop an aesthetic experience in Art from their encounters at the Theatre.

🔶 Gym and Yoga Room [to stimulate students' physical and mental wellness]:

The other wing of Leung Fung Yee Building is the "Gym and Yoga Room". The two-storey facility occupies approximately 2,800 sq. ft. with (1) a gymnasium and (2) a spacious and relaxing area for mindfulness, yoga and stretching exercises. The gymnasium is the first-ever such facility opened for students of Chung Chi College. The Gym and Yoga Room provides comfy spaces for students to relax from their packed schedule and hectic class works.

🔶 Staff Quarters and Guesthouses:

To facilitate and encourage teachers to interact with our students in after-class and weekend activities, Leung Fung Yee Building is equipped with several staff quarters. On the other hand, studio suites are available for our visiting scholars, artists and distinguished alumni during their stays.

🔶 More about Leung Fung Yee Building, and Fook Wo and Laura Jee Li Theatre:

As an alumna of Chung Chi College, Dr. Leung Fung Yee (1970 / History) is a celebrated author and a successful entrepreneur. Dr. Leung has a devoted heart for her alma mater. She has been a Trustee of the College Board since 2008. Over the years, Dr. Leung has donated more than HKD 40 million to the College, supporting the Student Development Complex Project, a number of scholarships and bursaries, and thus the all-round education for students.

The late Dr. Li Fook Wo was a renowned banker and influential politician. Both Dr. Li and his wife, Mrs. Laura Jee Li, were keen on serving the community. The couple was devoted Anglicans and served several important positions in Hong Kong Sheung Kung Hui over the years. Dr. Li was also a College Trustee for nearly 15 years. He was the Honorary Treasurer and subsequently the Chairman. Dr. and Mrs. Li are survived by 4 daughters and a son, Mr. Li Kwok Sing Aubrey, who joined the College Board in 1991 and is the incumbent Chairman of the College Board of Trustees. The Li family has a deep-rooted connection with the College. In 2019, the family donated HKD 20 million for the Student Development Complex Project in advancing campus facilities and learning environment for students.


Good News for the Year of the Ox:

Thanks to the overwhelming support of alumni, staff and friends of college, the fundraising campaign targeting HK$ 100 million for "Chung Chi Student Development Complex" has just been ACCOMPLISHED!

While Chung Chi College will allocate the HK$ 100 million donation to the construction of the complex, your continuous support helps ensure that our students can learn most effectively with advanced facilities in a high-quality environment. Stay tuned for further updates of the interior of the Complex!

Let's Keep Contributing to the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign for the Project!

A Tile Carved with Your Name on the Mosaic Wall For Donations of Every HK$ 10,000!