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  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/202101_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_low_block_kunkle_student_centre/20210105_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_kunkle_student_centre_view_from_psc_1000_560.png, Illustration of the exterior of Kunkle Student Centre
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/202101_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_low_block_kunkle_student_centre/20210105_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_kunkle_student_centre_activity_room_1000_560.png, Illustrations of multi-purpose rooms
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/202101_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_low_block_kunkle_student_centre/20210105_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_kunkle_student_centre_student_association_room_1000_560.png, Illustrations of collaborative meeting facilities
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/202101_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_low_block_kunkle_student_centre/20210105_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_kunkle_student_centre_starry_lounge_1000_560.png, Illustration of the "Starry Lounge"
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/202101_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_low_block_kunkle_student_centre/20210105_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_kunkle_student_centre_mosaic_wall_1000_560.png, Illustration of the Mosaic Wall

In our last post, the Development Office has announced a premiere virtual tour of "Chung Chi Student Development Complex". It's now the boarding time! Let's start our journey at Low Block, the Kunkle Student Centre, and find out how its facilities help our students shine:

🔶 Multi-purpose Rooms and Collaborative Meeting Facilities [to enhance students' personal growth and development through participating and organizing events]:

Multi-purpose Rooms on the 1/F are ideal for events including exhibitions, workshops, seminars, impromptu speaking meetings, etc.

Society Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Public Spaces for social interactions on the 2/F and 3/F provide students with spaces for planning and organizing events & activities. From brainstorming, logistics planning, execution to evaluation, these spaces allow students to foster their leadership, problem-solving and communication skills.

🔶 Leisure Corners and Roof Garden [comfy spaces for students to relax and chill out]:

Leisure Corners located on every floor serve as cozy spaces for students to study or respite.

Roof Garden and "Starry Lounge" on the roof of the Low Block offer students tranquil spaces to relax from their hectic schedule. On top of that, students can detox their minds, bodies & souls while enjoying the spectacular views of Chung Chi campus and Lake Ad Excellentiam from the "Starry Lounge".

🔶 Music Room and Band Room [for rehearsals and individual / ensemble practice]:

Located on the 1/F, Music Room is a great place for students to practice their instruments, refine technical skills and express themselves through music.

Also located on the 1/F, Band Room is a haven for bandmates to discover their musical voices.

🔶 The Unique Mosaic Wall:

In addition to all the facilities listed above, there will also be a unique design featured in the Kunkle Student Centre – a gigantic and magnificent Mosaic Wall embedded with more than 20,000 tiles, each carved with the name of each supporter of the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign. The 3-storey Mosaic Wall not only signifies contributions of our donors, but also the College's landmark – the Chung Chi Gate.

🔶 More about the Kunkle Student Centre:

The late Rev. Dr. John Stewart Kunkle dedicated his life to Christian higher education in southern China. During their stay in Hong Kong, The Rev. Dr. Kunkle and Mrs. Kunkle (Dr. Julia P. Mitchell) invited The Rev. Hurbert Pommerenke for the purchase of "Little Tao Fung Shan", and the three built houses for their own residence. Their land and properties were then gifted to the College in the 1970s, and later developed into a low-density private housing estate, bringing a reserve fund for College's later development. The College resolved to name the Low Block, which is located right next to the University's Pommerenke Student Centre, after The Rev. Dr. Kunkle, to commemorate their contributions to the College.

Please Join the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign for the Student Development Complex Project! A Tile Carved with Your Name on the Mosaic Wall For Donations of Every HK$ 10,000!