Call for Action Text: Please Join the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign for the Student Development Complex Project! A Tile Carved with Your Name on the Mosaic Wall For Donations of Every HK$ 10,000!
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  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/202101_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_low_block_kunkle_student_centre/20210105_premiere_virtual_tour_of_ccsdc_kunkle_student_centre_mosaic_wall_1000_560.png, Illustration of the Mosaic Wall

The construction work of "Chung Chi Student Development Complex" has been progressing well since June 2019. As of today, foundations of both complex Blocks are completed. Two tower cranes are now in operation. Workers are focusing on steel bar bending and reinforcing, as well as structural grouting for the Complex's lower parts.

The construction of the Complex is expected to complete in October 2021 when the College celebrates its 70th anniversary. Upon its completion, the indoor learning and activity area of Chung Chi students will boost from approximately 7,100 sq. ft. to over 19,000 sq. ft. With a better environment along with enhanced facilities for learning, social interaction, and organization of non-formal education activities, the College will continue to nurture future leaders and make provision for students to unlock their potential and personal growth.

The Complex consists of two buildings that are connected by a double-deck footbridge. The Low Block, named Kunkle Student Centre, is located right next to the University Pommerenke Student Centre on Chung Chi campus while the High Block, named Leung Fung Yee Building, erects beside the two Engineering Buildings on the University's Central Campus. With such easily accessible location, the Complex connects teaching blocks, hostels and offices of Chung Chi campus with resources on the University's Central Campus. Conjointly with its advanced facilities, these excellent prospects of the Complex will certainly make the place a new hub for Chung Chi students.

With the generous support from our alumni and friends, in addition to the matching grant from the government, Development Office has raised sufficient funding for the "Chung Chi Student Development Complex" Project. While the Development Office is committed to raise to HK$ 100 million for the Project, there is still an outstanding amount of HK$ 0.7 million needed. We invite all of you to support Chung Chi College and this project. You will not only help enhancing Chung Chi College's campus facilities and advancing students' learning environment, but also creating new opportunities for our students to discover their talent and pursue their dreams.

For donation accumulated HK$ 10,000 or above, you will be qualified as a supporter to the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign. Your name will be carved on a glass tile and be embedded into the mosaic wall of the Complex's Low Block, the Kunkle Student Centre. For every donation of HK$ 100,000 or above, your name will be carved onto an acknowledged plaque at the lobby of Kunkle Student Centre. And for contribution of HK$ 300,000 or above, you will be able to sketch your personalised plaque, which will be attached by the College in one of the rooms of the Centre.

Please Join the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign for the Student Development Complex Project! A Tile Carved with Your Name on the Mosaic Wall For Donations of Every HK$ 10,000!