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In CUHK, the unique college system complements the formal curricula and offers students pastoral care and whole-person education. As one of the colleges, Chung Chi College aims to nurture students’ interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity, and build up their confidence, leadership and sense of social responsibility, through providing a wide range of non-formal learning opportunities, including language seminars, art and cultural programme, overseas exchange and community service programmes.

“Chung Chi EYE Award – Excel Yourself through Exploration” is established to encourage students to explore the world during their studies by subsidizing them to join the following overseas programmes: Student Exchange Programme, Language Study Abroad Programme, Study Trips to Germany/France/ Japan, and Summer Study Abroad Programme. For more details about the EYE Award, please contact Ms. Kennis Tam at (852) 3943 6994.

“FLY Award – Find a Learning opportunity Yourself” aims to enrich Chung Chi students’ international exposure and motivate students to explore their potential through learning abroad. Students are encouraged to further their personal development with an international perspective, participate in non-credit bearing, short-term, non-local programmes or activities organized by recognized institutes, academies or organizations. For more details about FLY Award, please contact Ms. Jessica Chan at 3943 6993.

With donations, Chung Chi College aims to provide more opportunities for students’ personal growth and continuously improve the programmes to cater to their changing needs, also to offer scholarship and financial aid schemes which enable them to fully exploit their potential. For more details about specific scholarships and bursary, please visit the website of Scholarships, Awards and Financial-Aid Committee or contact Ms. Dora Cheung at (852) 3943 4004.

Your gift makes an impact to us.