The first instalment of Consumption Voucher 2023 was disbursed on 16 April! Are you still thinking about how to spend the extra money? By following these steps, you are turning your consumption vouchers into double delights:

  • Step 1: Spend on what you need or want
  • Step 2: Reserve the extra savings to Chung Chi
  • Step 3: Choose the project/fund you want to donate to*
  • Step 4: Add some love, finish!

The Development Office sincerely invites you to share your joy with our Chung Chi students. By supporting “Project E”, you are helping Chung Chi reach new heights in its campus development, and what’s more, creating a better learning and living space for our students to unleash their potential and develop their strengths.

You are also welcome to donate to the “Campus Development Fund”, “Student Development Fund”, “Chung Chi College Chaplaincy” or “Divinity School of Chung Chi College” to support the College’s continuous development in other aspects, and provide our students with more opportunities for non-formal learning experiences.

The future development of Chung Chi is in your hands! Please visit our online donation system now and turn your extra savings into meaningful gifts for the College!

*Now your generous support, a donation starting at just HKD100, shall earn you the official receipt to claim tax relief in the fiscal year 2023/24.