• images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_01.jpeg, Day 01 - Departing from Chung Chi College
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_03.jpg, Day 09 - From Maoming to Lianjiang
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_04.jpg, Day 14 - Entering Mong Cai, a border town of Vietnam
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_05.jpg, Day 15 - From Mong Cai to Cam Pha
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_06.jpg, Day 17 - From Ha Long to Cat Ba
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_02.jpg, Day 19 - Arriving at Hanoi in the evening
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_07.jpg, Day 23 - Enjoying Football Barefoot with Vietnamese Children
  • images/content/news-and-updates/recent-updates/201907-more-than-bikes/photo_08.jpg, Day 23 - The Team with the Vietnamese Children at SOS Children Orphanage Village, Hanoi

Good news!
Chung Chi Students exert themselves to support “Chung Chi Student Development Complex” Project!

Summer calls for the dog days, and also the passion of Chung Chi-ers to devote themselves!

In July 2019 there were five brave bikers who launched a crowdfunding for "Chung Chi Student Development Complex" Project, Tsoi Ling Fai (2019 / IERG), Lau Kwun Ming (IERG / Yr 4), Chan Kwun To (IERG / Yr 4), Tam Man San (ELEG / Yr 3) and Fu Si Man (GPAD / Yr 3), departed from Chung Chi College for Hải Phòng, Vietnam. What's more the team even extended their bike journey to Hanoi, for a warm visit to a local orphanage.

The team's mission was launched on 3 July. Yet soon in just 18 days, the boys overcame a distance of roughly 1,400 kilometres via Guangdong, Guangxi, Ha Long of northern Vietnam and etc., reaching Hải Phòng on 20 July. They then further extended their journey and on the following day arrived at Hanoi, where the "More Than Bikes" campaign aims for – a visit to Vietnamese children's orphanage.