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Chung Chi has a dream…

In 2017, celebrating the 66th anniversary of Chung Chi, the College made a birthday wish, that was to construct a visionary building to provide well-equipped indoor space for our young explorers to learn, collaborate, organize student activities and discover their talents… 3 years have passed swiftly and this wish is coming true.

The construction of “Chung Chi Student Development Complex” is expected to complete in October 2021 when the College celebrates its 70th anniversary. The brand-new facilities and more advanced learning environment will together create new opportunities for our students to pursue their dreams.

UPDATES by Development Office:
While the fundraising target of HK$ 100 million was, thanks to the overwhelming support of all, accomplished in February 2021, still the College welcomes and accepts donations for the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Campaign by March 2021. Sincerely we invite your further contribution for advanced equipment in the Complex, and too for the chance to have your name carved on the "Kilo-Tile Dream" Mosaic Wall.

To grab this final opportunity to become a qualified patron of the "Kilo-tile Dream" Campaign, all you need to do is to contribute the "Chung Chi Student Development Complex" Project with an accumulated amount of no less than HK$ 10,000@

  • To claim for tax deduction for the 2020/21 fiscal year on approved charitable donations, please make your donation before 31 March 2021 #, OR
  • If you wish to include your donation in the 2021/22 fiscal year, please indicate the amount you wish to commit on our online platform before the end of March 2021. The committed amount should be settled on or before 30 April 2021.

@ We accept donations by cheque or via the College's online donation system. Total amount of your contribution to the Project would be calculated from October 2017. Enquiries on the latest sum of your donations to the Project could be made via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 3943 1536

# It usually takes 3-5 workdays for the online donation system to process a transaction. If you wish to claim for tax deduction for the 2020/21 fiscal year, you are advised to make your donation 3-5 workdays ahead so that the transaction could be completed by 31 March 2021

* To pledge your support for the campaign, please make your commitment via our online platform on or before 31 March 2021. The committed amount should be settled on or before 30 April 2021 by cheque or via our Online Donation System ^

^ For donors who have already registered for regular donations and had their first donation settled by February 2021, their further regular donations between April 2021 and completion of the construction of the Complex shall too be accumulated to the sum

For every multiple of HKD 10,000 of your total donation,
you earn 1 special mosaic tile

Specimen of a mosaic tile(Specimen of a mosaic tile)

  • You may designate names to be engraved on the special tiles
  • All together approximately 20,000 tiles, will be embedded on a mosaic wall at the Low Block of the Complex, or the “Student Development Centre”
  • The 3-storey mosaic wall will give a grand picture of Chung Chi Gate, marking permanently your contribution in the campus of Chung Chi College


Each donor shall receive from the College 1 glass tile as souvenir in addition

specimen of a glass tile souvenir(Spacimen of a glass tile souvenir)

  • Your name will be engraved on the transparent tile with elegance
  • Size of your souvenir will be same as the one embedded on the mosaic wall
  • Your unique souvenir will be held in a graceful hard box for your collection

You may wish to read more about our acknowledgement plan exclusively designed for our donors. Simply click here to read more.

Please support the "Kilo-tile Dream Campaign", be a Chung Chi "Dream Builder" and reach this goal together!

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