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Your Daily Coffee to Chung Chi College


How much does it take to contribute towards the “Chung Chi Student Development Complex” Project? Just as little as HKD 10 per day, like a cup of daily coffee to treat the College every single day.

By contributing a monthly donation of HKD 300 towards the Project from October 2018 to September 2021, your passtionate support will soon reach an accumulative amount of HKD 10,800 – more than enough to join the “Kilo-Tile Dream” fundraising campaign at the same time! For every HKD 10,000 donated to the Project, you will have your name carved on one unique piece of tile. Every tile counts in a unique way because right at the entrance of the Student Development Centre (Low Block) of the Complex, where more than twenty thousands of the unique tiles, including yours, will form a picture of the College landmark “Chung Chi Gate”!

Your enthusiastic support counts! Just HKD 10 per day to allow Chung Chi students to enjoy the most advanced space for learning and various activities. Let us join together for students’ brilliant future and goals!

"Donate Now" to share daily coffee with us!