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Transforming Government's Payout into a Gift for Chung Chi College Bursary


For half a year the threat of COVID-19 has struck the globe's economy, so has it impacted Hong Kong citizens of different social statuses and industries. It is estimated students from low-income families will be affected as much as the others. Besides, students usually may have their expends covered or their tuition fees and living expenses saved for the new academic year by the income they gained from their part-time or summer jobs during the summer break, but the situation is not optimistic under the epidemic as well. Hence, financial stress on needy students is anticipated.

Chung Chi College offers a variety of financial aids as shelters to students facing financial difficulties.
"Chung Chi College Bursary" established in March 2020 as a supplementary scheme, provides assistance to needy students whose applications to other College / University aid are not available because of various reasons. The assistance to students is either a short-term grant or recurring grant up to one academic year, depending on the applicant's financial need.


Now, one of the government's relief measures, the HKSAR Cash Payout Scheme is open for application.  Each citizen upon registration shall receive an amount of HK$ 10,000 as soon as 8 July#.


It is always more blessed to give than to receive. We now sincerely invite your contribution to the Bursary of an amount equal to or of a portion of HKSAR's HK$ 10,000 cash payout. Let us maximize the benefit so as to help students overcoming a hard time.


#Now Open for Registration until 31 December 2021.

(available through e-banking service of 21 local banks; transaction of the payout into your designated bank account as early as 8 July)

(1) Through E-banking: register with local mobile number & account;
(2) Through Banks' Cash Payout Registration Website: register with first 4 digits (e.g. A123) of HKID, local mobile number & account;
(3) Through Hongkong Post Cash Payout Registration Website: fill in Hongkong Post's electronic registration form, with a processing time same as paper form registration

Paper Registration:
Fill in the paper registration form designated for the Scheme, available at District Offices of Home Affairs Department, post offices, and braches of banks participating in the Scheme, and submit the signed registration form to participant banks' branches or by mail (no postage fee required)
~ Further Details available at HKSAR Cash Payout Scheme website: ~

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