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The second instalment of Consumption Voucher 2023 will be disbursed on 16 July! What to do with that extra money is often a blissful worry indeed. Instead of spending the voucher for just a brief moment of joy, why not turn it into a driving force for campus and student development? Let’s benefit students of new generations and extend our happiness!

Here are the four steps to multiply your joy with consumption vouchers:

1: Spend the voucher on what you need or want

2: Reserve the extra savings for Chung Chi

3: Choose the project/fund you want to support*

  • “Project E”: A big step forward in promoting Chung Chi’s campus development, and empowering our students to grow and unleash their potential in a better learning and living environment
  • “Campus Development Fund”, “Student Development Fund”, “Chung Chi College Chaplaincy” or “Divinity School of Chung Chi College”: Support the College to implement various fundamental affairs, creating a more diversified and comprehensive learning experience for our students

4: Add some love, and finish!

The future development of Chung Chi is in your hands! Visit our College’s online donation system now and experience the joy of sharing your vouchers!

*Now your generous support, a donation starting at just HKD100, shall earn you the official receipt to claim tax relief for the fiscal year 2023/24.