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In 2014, the College Board embarked a development plan for the College. Feedbacks were collected from staff members and students and it was identified an urgent needs of new space for student interaction as well as for student bodies to run student programs and activities. These old facilities fail to cater the needs of current students. For instance, there is a severe shortage of student society office and multi-purpose rooms for student activities.

After rounds of deliberation and studies, the College Board decided to redevelop 2 old staff quarters into a pair of twin blocks – the Student Development Centre (Low Block) and the Multi-functional Building (High Block). The plan is estimated to increase around 8,000 square feet indoor student activity space, equipped with the most advanced facilities.

The "Chung Chi Student Development Complex" Booklet (2020 ver.)

A glimpse on the plan:

  • Student Development Centre (Low Block): Multi-purpose function rooms, offices and meeting rooms for student societies, study rooms, public space for social interaction and rooftop garden

  • Multi-functional Building (High Block): A mini-theatre, a Caring Corner, medium-sized staff quarters and small studio suites

  • Completion Date: mid-2021

  • Estimated budget: HK$200 million

  • Fund-raising target: HK$100 million (The College Board of Trustees has committed a grant of HK$50 million and another matching grant of HK$50 million.)

  • Time frame: Oct 2017 – Oct 2021


We look forward to your support to our series of fund-raising activities. Your support is crucial in enhancing the image of Chung Chi College and establishing a better learning environment to nurture future leaders of the society.

Your gift makes an impact to us.